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This is a series of lessons that is intended to cover many of the aspects of Ascension.  These lessons will be taught by female Ascended Masters of various Orders.  Although all of these Masters are balanced in the male and female aspects of their personalities, these individuals have chosen to manifest female bodies during this time in the continuum of All That Is. Please join us for our weekly lessons.


The following Ascension Lesson was given on February 14, 2008 by Sehaji Master Lady Kata Daki:

I am Kata Daki and today I would like to speak to you about the word "Ascension".

 I realize that all of you reading this are on a quest for continued ascension but what this means to one person may not be what it means to another.  So, I would like to share with you my understanding of what ascension is and what it means to me.

To ascend means to rise up.  In the spiritual realms this is taken to mean a raising up of ones personal vibrations to such an extent that a shift is made in the conscious understanding of life as you are experiencing it.  In other words, ideas and concepts that you were previously unable to indoctrinate into your life, now become desirable because you can more fully understand the effect those new ideas or concepts might have in bettering your life.

Every Souled being will continue to ascend, to grow and learn forever.  There will ALWAYS be a next step.

As one ascends from any lower vibration, your life may become a bit unsettled for the short term, while you are getting use to the new way of living your life.  However, with time, everyone soon relaxes into this new lifestyle and becomes more quiet, more balanced, more confident in their own knowingness and less effected by the chaos (slight or great) of the vibratory level that they just left behind.

Along with the obvious life changes, often come physical changes.  Stress is reduced the higher one goes in vibration and more peace and joy is found in the simple things of life.  The quest for more and better is reduced and happiness can be found in the smile of a loved one, watching your children or animals at play, or even the uplifting music of some of the classic composers like Chopin or Beethoven.

Lower vibrating sounds become a turn off, a distraction that abruptly pulls you from the higher realms and causes you to flare with anger... until you can consciously bring yourself back into balance again.  It will become obvious to you that loud, lower vibrating sounds are truly damaging to your consciousness.  It also distracts you from "listening within" to the voices and music you will find there and even your own thoughts.

Have you ever noticed on television when the stations put on a commercial they turn up the volume?  They say this is so you can hear it when you go to the kitchen to get one of their products, but this is not truly the reason.  The true reason is that they want to FORCE the ideas  and products of their advertisers into your mind so that you will be FORCED to consider their products and what they wish you to do... which is to buy their product at the first opportunity to do so.

This is all extremely low vibrating attempts to control you.  As you ascend in vibrations, you will more easily be able to spot such manipulations and to mute the remote or turn down the volume until you are once again ready to view your chosen program.

Advertisers  also know that they are creating stress in you when they cause you to feel too fat, too old, too ugly or to feel any way other than good about yourself.  It is your choice to fall for their ploy or not.  Stress creates illness and illness appears to need drugs which is then provided by the controllers or manipulators of men.

Ascension also brings with it physical symptoms that may or may not be considered a sickness or problem.  Just as when a child is growing from a small body into a larger one s/he needs more sleep so that all can remain in balance during these great changes, so does an individual who is in ascension need more sleep so their bodies can adjust more easily.

As your vibratory rates gets higher, goes faster, certain bacteria and viruses that once found a fertile feeding ground in you, will find that they have to fight for their lives to remain a part of you.  Each living thing has what is called a Mortality Oscillation Rate.  In other words, a vibrational rate that will kill them if it is reached in their environment. 

No one wants to die, even bacteria, so will fight desperately to remain alive as long as they can.  So, you will find that your job is to continually clean and clear your body of any poisons, negativity, disease or such that you can.  This includes poisonous and negative thoughts, words and actions.  For these will create an environment which invites other negative experiences.

Much cleaning and clearing can be done by visualization techniques that you can create for yourself, which will pull darkness from your various bodies that is no longer useful or able to teach you anything.

The easiest technique that comes to mind is called the Comb Technique.


With this technique all you have to do is image a big comb over your head and pulling it down through your body, actually all of your bodies, until your comb has pulled out any darkness or negativity from your bodies, that is no longer helpful in your ascension. 

Once you have pulled the dark dross out from beneath your feet, roll it up into a ball and laser it with your eyes or a space cadet's laser gun, until it dissolves back into nothingness and re-joins the All That Is.  Or, you could toss the ball into the Ocean of Love and Mercy, or give it to Creator God or burn it in the Sacred Violet Flame of Transmutation.  You get the idea.

Each time you do this technique, make the teeth of the comb closer together and KNOW and INTEND that this cleaning and clearing is being done upon each and everyone of your Light bodies.

It is equally important for you to make an effort to live your life in a more balanced, benevolent and harmonious way.  For, as you ascend, these qualities will become more and more desirable.

With ascension also comes responsibility.  Now I am not saying this to scare those of you who flee from responsibility.  The type of responsibility I am talking about will come easily from your heart, from your desire to share the love, joy and peace that you have found, to serve the greater good of All That Is and to continue to find more ways to serve and learn as your travel the higher vibrating highways and byways of life everlasting.

Now ascension for many is recognized as "Initiations".  Within the Mystery Schools there are recognized patterns or traits that a chela or student will display when they are nearing an evolutionary leap or ascent or when they have entered into a new level of understanding.

Initiations are a very difficult thing to recognize in another person and best left to those Masters who are able to function in full consciousness in all relevant realms.

It does not matter what your initiation is.
You can be compared to no one else.
You are unique and so is everyone else.

Some of you have traveled the sacred paths before
and for others, this is the first time. 


There will ALWAYS be someone who is ahead of you on the path
and someone who is behind you.

Do not worry about the physical changes you are going through.  Your bodies are being recreated and your DNA greatly improved.  The sharp pains you feel that soon go away, well, just think of them as needle pricks from the medical personnel in the higher realms who are helping your body to change in the easiest, most beneficial way.

Many of you have also had new chakras activated... the Seat of the Soul Chakra in the Medulla Oblongata area of the brain at the back of your head (which has greatly affected your nervous system); the new chakra on your back which is opposite your new Universal Heart Chakra (which is located a bit above where the old Heart Chakra was); and the new chakra on your back opposite your Solar Plexes Chakra. 

While the chakras in the front of the body spin in a clockwise direction, the ones on your back spin counter clockwise.  These new chakras meet up with their mate in the center of the body.  You may think of one as a Male energy and the other as a Female energy and now fully activated in most of you.

Has your head been itching like crazy?
Has the high-middle of your back been itching like crazy?
Has your back just above your waist about 4 to 6 inches been itching?

Well, this is just your reaction to those chakras being activated.

Your Pituitary and Pineal Glands have also been more activated, as has your Thymus Gland behind your Sternum.  Don't be surprised if your hat size increases a bit.

In other words, a LOT of things are going on in your body that are perfectly normal to an ascending human, so it is NOT necessary to go to the doctor and get drugged up just because you are experiencing a few shakes, ear ringings, phantom pains and the like. 

Now I am NOT saying that you should stop medication that is working for you, that does not worsen your condition.  I am just saying that it is time to be conscious of your body and what is going on and to take responsible steps to make it healthier, whether this means enemas, drinking more water, colloidal liquid vitamins and minerals, eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, walking more or even taking more baths.

Keep your body as clean and clear as you can from caffeine, artificial sugars especially, any genetically modified foods, any animals given steroids or growth hormones, over indulgence in alcohol... well, you get the idea. 

Think of your body as your Temple and keep it clean and the trash picked up, especially the useless trash in your mind.

Well, I guess I've given you enough to think about for awhile.

I am Kata Daki and I thank you for sharing your time with me this day.

This may be shared freely as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you.

~Dhyana Markley~


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