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This is a series of lessons that is intended to cover many of the aspects of Ascension.  These lessons will be taught by female Ascended Masters of various Orders.  Although all of these Masters are balanced in the male and female aspects of their personalities, these individuals have chosen to manifest female bodies during this time in the continuum of All That Is. Please join us for our weekly lessons.


The following update and technique was given on February 6, 2008 by Dhyana Markley:

Yesterday I found Lady Lemlet's Ascension Lesson of November 8, 2007 about clones on a large website which, I believe, has thousands of readers.  This is good!  This is wonderful, because somehow one of your forwardings made it to a point of greater distribution and readership.  They also did not change or edit out any of the the main text of her message and Lemlet's name and title was left intact. 

For this gift, I sincerely thank all of you.
I just heard a Lady Master say, "We all do."

The Web Master of the above mentioned site created the headline:  "Master Lemlet Cloning Update January 31, 2008". 

Technically it was not an update and unfortunately they chose to omit the "introductory phrase" which introduces all of the Ascension Lessons messages.  Lemlet's message being only one of these many lessons.  I believe that this short introduction encourages individuals interested in a specific message to seek more of these lessons.  My name was also omitted (s/he only used my initials D.M.) at the bottom where I take responsibility for the scribing and encourage the sharing of said messages, asking only that all be left in its entirety when sharing.

However, all may not be as it seems, for it is possible that said Web Master received the document in a pre-edited form, with the introductory A.L. phrase and my full name removed, and was only motivated to call it an update with a January 31st date to make it appear to be more current to his/her readers. 

Personally I would have preferred something like "Update on Cloning" then seen the article published on their site in its original form, including the introductory A.L. statement and my name used in full so that others could find me or other Ascension Lessons by way of other Internet sites which regularly carrying our messages.

As you know, my web site is not quite ready for visitors yet. [It is now up and running at www.AscendedMastersSpeak.com]  I do not ask for or accept any donations in support of the new site, nor do I plan to do so in the future.  I also do not plan to place any advertising there although I probably will recommend a few other spiritually informative sites.  Therefore, it will be a very simple site, support of which will hopefully remain within my modest Social Security budget. 

If any of you have the experience and time to act as my "unpaid" Web Master, please send me the web addresses of sites that you have created and maintain to my e-mail address and I will contact you.  Once all of my 250 to 300 documents are added to my site, perhaps a few more since several of our Ascension Lessons and Intent Ceremonies have already been translated into Spanish, I expect that it will take only about 15 minutes a week to maintain it.  Of course, you will receive full credit on the site for your Web Master efforts.  [As Spirit will do, IT sent me Barbara Delozier of Shot-net.com for web designs and service to help me redesign the site and get it up and running.  Thank you, Barbara!!!]

Obviously, my reasons for writing this to you today are multiple... to express my gratitude for your enthusiastic sharing, to respectfully ask that when you forward our Ascension Lessons to others, that you do so in their complete and original state, to ask for your help on my website [no longer necessary] and to share how I communicate with the various Masters, in case you would like to do this too.

You do not need to protect me or any of the Lady Masters from the attacks of those who might be frightened by these messages.  To me, these Masters are always kind and wise.  If someone's button is pushed, so be it.  Often someone needs to hear a truth more than once to have it penetrate old programming.

What happens when you send a message out edited and not giving full credit to its source, it is a bit of a lie, since it is not total truth, and the dark will see to it that any lie will then be perpetuated.  So, what has happened now is that this unnamed web site, whether on purpose or by accident, has perpetuated an incomplete Ascension Lesson From Sehaji Master Lady Lemlet and perhaps blocked some truth seeker from finding me and the other teachings I share from the Masters.

Please do not consider this message from me as any kind of criticism for anyone's past actions.  I am just trying to increase everyone's awareness of what has happened. 

I REALLY AM TREMENDOUSLY GRATEFUL that this Ascension Lesson and others are continuing to reach such a large number of readers around the world.

I am just trying to be a responsible caretaker of the Masters' words.

Now, one other thing I would like to encourage you to do today is to become scribes or channels for Masters from the higher vibratory realms yourself!

Yes, I know all of your doubts.  I had them too, but I want you to know that if I can do it, so can you.

It is not only time, but I believe it to be a bit past "time" for all Lightworkers to be directly connected with their Highest Self which some call their OverSoul AND in constant communication with the spiritual Masters, all of them.  We still have a lot of work to do in the near future and we all need to "hit the ground running" when it fully starts.

So, I would like to share with you some facts about me and how I got started, then perhaps provide a shorthand method for you so you don't have to do all of the work I did to increase your telepathic abilities and to start scribing or channeling.

I was born Diana Louise Markley in Bennington, Kansas, 67 years ago.  At that time our town had a population of less than 300 people and has only doubled (and a bit more) in the ensuing 67 years.  In other words, Bennington did not and still does not have the chaos or dross of a large city and it was easy for me to hear the Music of the Spheres and to have a normal childhood. 

I was trained as an opera singer from the age of ten until I was eighteen.  I was in Girl Scouts, played all sports available to females, learned to cook, sew, play a trumpet, twirl a baton and even act in our school productions, plus get a good education in our school all at the same time.

After high school, I was given some college but chose in the summer of 1960 to train for two years and become a Radiological Technologist at the K.U. Medical Center in Kansas City.  Later, while living in Houston and working at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Research Hospital and Herman Hospital in Texas, I became a night club singer and started to travel the world.  It was a great education and I was protected by the manager/agent system in place and able to travel to many of the Sacred Sites around the world before I even knew they were Sacred Sites.

I studied Edgar Cayce's work and various religions then finally via Paul Twitchell, I hooked up with several Vairagi Masters (Detached Ones) and was encouraged to write down my dreams and to increase my inner vision by gently gazing upon the screen of my mind. 

During these decades, I also tried my hand at opening my Third Eye by staring at the aura around the fingers of my hands in dim light and discovering some of my many past or current lifetimes, so that I could know why I think and act the way that I do and find my purpose in life.

It might be obvious by now, but I chose not to be married (rather STAY married) or to have children.  I wanted my freedom to do and learn what I wanted in this lifetime rather than always having to consider someone else's needs before mine.  Personally, considering the way that things have turned out so far, I believe I made a very wise choice indeed.

In the early 80s I worked in Hollywood for Universal, then Burbank Studios and was encouraged by a young, female writer/producer to write screenplays and teleplays.  Her feedback was very valuable and the two main books I worked on to change into screenplays were writer Paul Twitchell's books:  The Talons of Time and East of Danger. 

Besides these books, which Paul said were mostly true but was forced by the limited and naive thinking of the time to call science fiction novels, he also wrote many other books about spiritual subjects.  I read most of them and his teachings and inner guidance opened up many other worlds, many dimensions for me.

In 1971 Paulji showed me the most probable future for my entire life.
I was also able to see him when in telepathic communication or contemplating and to learn from Paul in the dream state.

Now some quick hints about telepathy and remembering your dreams:


Take 30 minutes before you go to sleep each night to just LISTEN!

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to learn anything new when you are the one talking?  Stop the clutter of your mind.  Now, I don't mean to try hard to blank out all thoughts.  If you do it that way your mind will just consider it a challenge and literally FIGHT to keep in control.  I am speaking about seducing your mind into relaxing and thinking that it is okay to be comfortable and relaxed because you are about to go to sleep.

To keep down the chaos of my mind I will often chant one of the names of the ONE God, (Hu, pronounced Huuu OR Sugmad, pronounced Soog mahd OR Om, pronounced oh mmm or Aum, pronounced Ah oommm).

Of course, you can choose any word or group of words that gets you personally into a high state of consciousness.  Even the singing of the name of your favorite Master will work.  ASK that they speak to you and let you consciously know that they are there and available for communication.  But sometime within a few moments after you have asked for a response and feel relaxed and open to a communication, you need to:

with quiet expectation.

Please DO NOT BE HARD ON YOURSELF if you do not hear a voice right away.  Sometimes the Masters and Creator God Itself are very subtle.  They will approach you in a very gentle way at first and even years later will never yell at you or be obtrusive in any way.  They just don't work that way.  The ones you work closely with will become more aggressive when they feel you will always welcome their input, but for the most part...


While I was living in Hawaii in the late 1980s, I had a fully conscious dream vision where I was on the Astral plane and met up with a man who decided he wanted to learn from me.  I agreed, thinking that I would do all of the work on the Inner planes and have to do little or nothing in the physical.  How wrong I was!  The Masters wanted me to be fully conscious of all of our meetings together AND to write them down!

I did this at first by laying on my bed with a big notebook and pen next to me.  I would write down everything I said and everything he said as well as everything I saw or seemed to see.  Later that night or the next morning I would type the entire experience into my little Kaypro computer and the next night we would start all over again.

Now please realize that it didn't even occur to me that this was telepathy and that I was doing something extraordinary.  I just did it.  You can too if you don't convince yourself that you can't, that you aren't spiritual enough or that you haven't paid your "spiritual" dues. 
It is perfectly natural for all Souled beings.
Just talk in your head and listen.
We all automatically do this in the dream state EVERY NIGHT and have done so since we were born.

Back to my Kaypro... It didn't take me but a couple of days until I realized that I was doing double work.  If I could just take dictation and type it into the computer while it was happening, I would save myself hours of work a day.  So, about the third night I asked the guy to just come and sit on my bed near my computer desk and we would telepathically talk and travel inwardly from there.  It worked and about six months later, I had all of the information for my book entitled, TWO MASTERS IN TRAINING.

Now, I'm not saying that the first notes of conversations that you have with the Masters should immediately be published.  My book is still only published as a manuscript and we are talking 20 years after the fact.  But it will become increasingly obvious to you that it will probably take a bit of practice to get all of your personal opinions and prejudices out of the way so that your communications with the Masters will be genuine.

Like the old saying that answers "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?"



~Say the following statement THREE TIMES each night just before you get into bed, aloud in the physical if you live alone or loudly in your mind if you don't: 

"I WILL remember my most important dreams tonight
and WILL write them all down."

Do not expect to remember your mid- night dreams when you go to bed too tired because you will sleep too deeply to remember them.  You might remember your early morning dreams just before waking though.

~Keep a dim night light on and a journal with a pen or pencil next to your bed so you can immediately write down your dreams upon awakening.  Regardless of what your mind tells you, if you do not write them down immediately, they will quickly fade from your memory as you awaken into your NOW. 

You will also probably lie to yourself occasionally about having already written them down or being able to remember them next time you awaken, just so you can go back to sleep sooner.  At least occasionally I lie to myself about this. :- )

~Drink water before bed so you will be forced to get up during the night and you will have an opportunity to write down a dream that you might otherwise miss.

I keep a glass of lemon water next to my bed every night so I can keep the process going all night long.  This process will not disrupt your sleep as much as you think it might, because if you have only a dim light to enable you to see your notebook, this will not awaken you enough to want to or need to, remain awake.  Of course, this varies from individual to individual and may not be quite the case for those of us older and retired, for some odd reason.

~Try to write down at least the big, KEY things that impress you in the dream as well as any feelings that you had during the dream.  You don't have to write all of the details if you are afraid you will wake up too much to get back to sleep.  You can fill those in when your get up in the morning because just those key feelings and pictures in your mind will often stimulate more detailed memory and as you write it down or even review it, often new information will be remembered that you can add.

Some things will be symbols and usually everybody in the dream is a symbol of you or those close to you and what is going on in your life or something you need to resolve.  Sometimes it is you in other realms, other worlds and not symbolic though.

Anyway, what I have described above is what it will take or at least it is what I needed to do. 

If you are truly sincere about being a clear and pure channel for these higher vibrating beings plus be able to have direct and untarnished communication with your Highest Self and OverSoul,
then you WILL be able to accomplish this!

But only YOU can and must do the work.

With these words, I send my love and gratitude for your continuing support of our messages.  I am Dhyana (aka Diana).

This may be shared freely as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you.

~Dhyana Markley~