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This is a series of lessons that is intended to cover many of the aspects of Ascension.  These lessons will be taught by female Ascended Masters of various Orders.  Although all of these Masters are balanced in the male and female aspects of their personalities, these individuals have chosen to manifest female bodies during this time in the continuum of All That Is. Please join us for our weekly lessons.

The following lesson was given on June 7, 2006 by Lady Master Arissa, Queen of Inner Earth:

I am Arissa and I bid you a warm greeting.  Today I would like to speak about Inner Earth and of harmony and Oneness between our societies.

On Earth there is a saying that when one reaches a certain level of achievement, be it physical, mental or spiritual, a teacher will appear.  I believe the quote is: "When the student is ready a Master will appear."  This is the understanding of everyone, be they of Inner Earth, the Surface or even our galactic families.

I am not claiming to be that teacher but I do have a unique understanding about the future coming together of our great societies and it is our greatest desire that all discourse between our two societies be harmonious and of benefit to all.

Dhyana and I have been in communications with each other for many years.  She has visited several of the Inner Earth cities in her Light Body and has even lived among us a very long time ago.  For years she tried to share her experiences with many Surface Dwellers but most thought she was out of her mind or simply living in a dream world.  It is my hope that this discourse will help to vindicate her and support her words about Inner Earth, should any of you question her about our world.

It is very interesting to live upon a world where more than half of its population is totally unaware that the other half is alive and well, living beneath their feet, so to speak.  We have listened in to your broadcasts and even your thoughts for thousands of years and through these means, been able to track your spiritual awakening.  Admiral Byrd tried many decades ago to bring forth the message of our existence, yet even he was unable to withstand the darkness that strives to keep you in ignorance.

We are delighted that soon we will come together and share stories about our experiences and our worlds.  You truly are a part of our family and we love you deeply and sincerely.

Some of us look very much like you do, while others of us don't.  Some of us are large, you might call us giants, and some of us are small, some might call us fairies or gnomes.  I am of the giant variety, as is my husband King Artemus.  There are also other unique sentient species who live among us, whose appearance might shock you a bit.  So, please prepare yourselves.  They are loving and harmless unless you mean them harm.

Inner Earth is beautiful.  Wildlife that has long vacated the surface, can be found in our sanctuaries.  Sea life that has the ability to travel great distances, often come to our shores through the various waterways that join our two worlds. 

Dhyana has a large healing center here that has been fully re-activated that some of you might be interested in touring when the opportunity arises.  She is quite famous in our society.

Our cities are beautiful and vary in sizes, some are large and some are smaller.  In the outskirts of those cities, villages can be found which host a variety of humanoid species and some not so humanoid.  We are a many varied world and there is so much to learn about us that one might spend a thousand years here and still not know of everything.

Shamballah is considered our Spiritual City and Agharta is considered the base city for the Galactic Federation.  All of our cities are connected by high speed tube trains.  Small hovercraft are used for transportation within the cities where walking is not desired.

Because of the variety in our sizes, our public facilities accommodate this by providing vehicles, seats and even bathroom arrangements for beings of various sizes.  Our staircases are usually of granite, with deep and wide horizontal steps and very short risers.  From a distance these stairs appear as ramps rather than steps.

Inner Earth inhabitants love to sing and we often gather almost an entire city into our huge concert arenas and sing together just for our own enjoyment.  Our best singers make up special groups that entertain for special occasions like weddings, visiting dignitaries, birthdays and concerts.  We will sing at the "drop of a hat", so please ask us to sing for you or join us at our sing-alongs.

Although most of us are telepathic, please know that we will not invade your personal private thoughts unless we are invited or unless it is for the good of the whole.  You too will become telepathic eventually.  Until then we have devices that will aid you in communication.

We have oceans, seas, lakes and rivers just like you do on the surface, only our waters are much healthier and are so clean and clear that you can see the beings in the waters as easily as if they were behind polished glass.  The animals, for the most part, are much more friendly than yours on the surface.  They are fed from birth on grains and greens and would not know how to kill for a meal.  However, visitors from your world will not be allowed near our animals until we are certain that you know all you need to know about each species, especially how to interact with them.

We have been preparing for your visits for a very long time.  We have built small cities for you outside of our main cities so that you may take as long as you like to integrate with us and retain all of your customs from the surface.  At first we were preparing for you because it was thought that most life on the surface were to be destroyed by your dark cabal and we wanted to save all that we could.  Now, it is apparent that Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation will no longer allow the use of nuclear or atomic bombs that could have killed many of you. Deadly viruses created and distributed by your dark cabal are also being modified to render them much weaker or in some cases, harmless.

Now our preparations are to create a safe haven for those of you who would like to live with us while Mother Earth makes some changes to her body, in preparation for her ascension into a higher state of consciousness.  And, yes, Mother Earth is a living being.  Even though she doesn't wear a humanoid "space suit", she is a sentient being who is consciously aware of who she is and her role in the cosmos, as well as of those who live upon her and of her need to make some physical changes so that she can take her next step.  She has held back these changes for a long time, making her body extremely uncomfortable to wear, in the hopes that more of you would wake up and ascend with her.  Now she must go forward.  She can delay her changes no longer.

We are ready to receive many of you and the members of the Galactic Federation are ready to receive many more aboard their ships.  You came to Earth from many different planets and will find yourselves eager to rejoin those of your home planet.  Memory of your origins will be swiftly remembered and you will joyfully join your families, most of you before the major Earth changes begin.

However, there will be some of you who chose in your Life Plan to leave Earth by way of one of the coming changes.  You prefer to start the Golden Age in a new body instead of healing and rejuvenating your current one.  So, be not afraid of the future, my Dear Ones.  There is an exciting time ahead for all of us and we look forward to coming together in harmony and creating the Oneness that we all intended before we first set foot on this beautiful little planet.

I now will bid you a good day, but look forward to the time I will be welcoming you to our inner world as either visitor or resident.  I am Arissa, and Artemus and I are in joy at the prospect of meeting you very soon.

This may be shared freely as long as it remains in its entirety
and proper credit is given.  Thank you.

Dhyana Markley