The God in me greets the God in you."


Who are the Ascended Masters?

Ascended Masters are blessed teachers who have chosen to return to Earth in their Light bodies, and at times in a more physical body, to guide us through the many phases of enlightenment Soul must travel. These loving, enlightened beings are devoted to working for the good of the whole and see everything from a higher perspective than do most humans upon Earth. Beings of Light and grace, they often choose to speak through living humans to spread their messages of import for all who have ears to hear, hearts to love and sincere desire to continue ascension along their own path.

Bathed in purest intent, the Ascended Masters emanate from all Time throughout all Ages and contain within their memories the Wisdom of the Ages and methods to guide us through the the great mysteries of life. These they lovingly share with us.

Within this website, you will find messages that may help you upon your path to achieve peace, personal empowerment, self-responsibility, and God Consciousness. We invite you to take this opportunity to peruse through our many pages.

Mitakuye Oyasin ~ We Are One.

Dhyana Markley



This site is dedicated to the continual spiritual ascension of All That Is, The One.

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